My Favourite Dutch Recipes

Here is a collection of my favourite Dutch recipes. Luckily, I have had many opportunities to visit the Netherlands and even to try some home-cooked meals from family friends. I’ve even done a cooking course with a friend at

One of my favourite desserts from the Netherlands is the Dutch-style pancake. It is thinner than the American one but thicker than a crepe. It can have toppings including jam, sugar, syrup and fruits. They are delicious and can be a meal all on their own.

Starters and Snacks

If you have ever been to Amsterdam, you probably noticed that you can buy hot foods in vending machines. Some of these include croquettes and burgers! The first Dutch snacks we tried making at home were bitterballen. These are tasty meatballs and sauce, coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried. They are not too dissimilar from croquettes.

Main Dishes

When I think of Dutch main dishes, I think of hearty meals. Of course, there are a variety of foods and it depends on the time of year. One time I visited in the spring and I asked my friends if I could find split pea soup somewhere in the city. They told me that it is a winter food, so I figured I would try it the next time. However, the father went shopping all over town to find all of the ingredients and he made us all a delicious split pea soup. It was so kind! I have made my version at home but it doesn’t come close to the original.


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