Recipe Map

Travel the World through food

This Recipe Map contains links to recipe posts from different countries. Some recipes were created by me, and others were my attempts (and at times modifications) of other published recipes. When I know the source of the recipes, I have added a link to the relevant website or book. In addition, I am very lucky to have an international group of friends. They have suggested their favourite recipes from their home countries, and this has been a great learning experience for me. At times, the recipes were their own, or they pre-screened online recipes and tutorials for authenticity. After receiving all of their recommendations, I think I am going to be cooking for the next few years to try them all!

Also, some areas do not appear on the map, or are very small, so the recipes can be found here for:

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, cooking international foods has been a fun and delicious way to keep travelling. In general, I love to explore the local cuisine when I travel. And I have often taken cooking lessons in different countries, whenever I had the time. The whole process from shopping for ingredients in local markets, to preparation and cooking in a group is an enriching experience. And the best part is that re-creating these tastes at home can bring back wonderful memories of a trip. Certainly, there are times when it is difficult to find all of the traditional ingredients. However, there is usually a way to get close enough with substitutes, and that adds to the fun and creativity.

As I continue to explore different foods from around the world, you will find more entries on this Recipe Map. Enjoy the recipes (or just the photos), and please send any questions or comments! I would love to hear if you have tried any of these recipes or if you have any others to recommend.