My Favourite Nigerian Recipes

Jollof Rice Stew

Here is a collection of my favourite Nigerian recipes. I was lucky enough to visit Lagos back in 2018. During that time I tried many different local foods, some of which I liked more than others. I think my least favourite was the okra stew as it was too spicy for me and was also a bit slimy. Some locals refer to the slime affectionately as “pull” and that is a good thing. The accompanying fufu, pounded cassava or yam is heavy and filling. I find it hard to describe as I had never before tasted something like it. First the texture is not like mashed potato nor like a bread. It is somewhere in between the two. And it’s definitely something to try while there!

Recently, my friend Donna sent me these three recipes to remind me of my wonderful trip to Nigeria! So prepare your taste buds for an explosion of spice, and unique blends of flavours. The stew has chicken, beef and crayfish! Not to mention many different vegetables and spices.

For these recipes, besides thanking Donna for the recommendations, I would also like to thank the blog of Eleanor’s dish. I followed the ingredients most of the time, with a few adaptations, including added fewer habanero chilies. Also, I revised the instructions to be easier to follow, at least for the way that I cook. However, please do view the original recipes for comparison and feel free to make your own adaptations. The blog was very helpful to read before embarking on the Nigerian cooking adventure.

If you do decide to cook one of these recipes, why not make a virtual travel evening out of the experience? I recommend the music of Fela Kuti, arguably the most famous Nigerian musician. While I was in Lagos, we went to see a musical show about Fela Kuti and his life. It was fascinating and fun. He is also famous for having 27 wives!

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