My Favourite Persian Recipes

Iran Baghala Ghatough

Here is a growing collection of my favourite Persian recipes. Although I have never travelled to Iran, I have a great appreciation for the food. There are many exceptional Persian restaurants in London. Two of my favourites are Persian Palace and Alounak. Usually when I think of Persian food, I think of grilled meat or stews with meat. Both are often served with buttery saffron rice. However, the two recipes sent to me by my friend Narguesse are vegetarian. I loved making the kuku sabzi and baghala ghatough with vegetables, eggs and lots of fresh herbs.

Usually, I order the spiced grilled chicken and rice or the aubergine stew at Persian restaurants. The recipes I have found for the grilled chicken sound so simple, but I think getting the spice marinade right is important. For the aubergine stew, an important ingredient is preserved dried lime. These are easy to find in London and add a unique flavour. The aubergine stew can be vegetarian but by default it is often served with pieces of lamb.

Thinking about Persian food is making me hungry. I plan to keep trying more dishes to add to my favourite Persian recipes. Does anyone know of any traditional desserts? I recall eating a rose ice cream with vermicelli at a Persian restaurant on time, but usually I do not have space for dessert. I hope to visit Iran one day and try the local versions!

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Freshly baked Kuku Sabzi

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