My Favourite Singaporean Recipes

Here is a collection of my favourite Singaporean recipes. While I was in Singapore, one of my favourite things to do was eat. There are nice restaurants with every type of cuisine available. However, some of the tastiest local food can be found at the casual hawker stands, also known as street food. Additionally, the cost of food is very cheap so one can eat out frequently and not break the budget! The cuisine of Singapore is a mix of Chinese, Indian, Malay and more.

Starters and Snacks

Although these recipes are listed in the starters and snacks categories, they can sometimes be part of a main dish. I didn’t always find a big distinction between the courses in Singapore. You can eat a table full of foods all at once.

Main Dishes

The variety of main dishes available in Singapore is huge! I will add to this section as I figure out recipes that remind me of the dishes I tried there. Definitely there are many noodle dishes and curries!


Honestly, I can’t clearly remember any desserts I had that were specifically from Singapore. Since the weather is quite tropical, I tended to choose ice cream. However, there are some typical desserts that I have heard of so I hope to try making some of them in the future.

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