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Touba Mosque

From Saly, it took about 3 hours to travel to Touba, the location of the Great Mosque which is a popular destination for Muslim pilgrims. The Baye Fall are specific pilgrims which wear patchwork clothing. Luckily, we could see a lot of them arriving in colourful buses because we were visiting during Ramadan. Be sure to time your visit between the prayer times, when tourists are allowed to walk around. It is a huge and impressive structure which is made of beautiful materials. Some of the buildings have separate entrances or sections for men and women.

Inside the Touba Mosque
Prayer area inside of the Mosque
Great Mosque of Touba


  • Great Mosque of Touba and the various tombs around the complex
  • Touba city, which is very religious
  • Baye Fall pilgrims in patchwork clothing who often travel in colourful buses
  • Kaolack, a town a couple of hours south of Touba

Before you go

  • For women, bring a scarf to cover your head and preferably wear a long skirt rather than trousers
  • Men should not wear shorts
  • Have cash to give a tip to the local guide as well as the man who watches your shoes
  • Wear socks as you will have to remove your shoes
  • The Mosque is closed to the public during prayers
Women’s praying area in a tomb
Our guide Mamadou
Arch view of Touba Mosque


  • We opted to have a private guide and driver from Trip Tour Senegal to take us around, and this was a great experience. We didn’t have to worry about trying to catch buses or taxis, and our guide could suggest what to see in the area


  • We didn’t stay in Touba, as it was just our stop for the morning on the way from Saly to As usual I recommend checking reviews on or using AirBnB
Blue bird restaurant Kaolack, White thieboudienne
Blue bird restaurant in Kaolack Grilled monkfish


We were only in Touba to see the Mosque, and to drop something off to our guide’s cousin. We drove most of the way to our next destination, Toubakouta, and stopped at the Restaurant Blue Bird in Kaolack.

Although these dishes were not on the menu, they were the specials of the day. Our guide called ahead to the chef to put in our order, so it was ready as soon as we arrived.

The restaurant itself is quite unassuming and mainly serves fast food. However, my friend had the white thieboudienne and I had a huge plate of grilled monkfish with vegetables and rice. It was delicious and maybe one of the best meals I had during my trip. However, it was slightly spoiled by the number of flies swarming around us as we ate. Maybe it would have been better for the fans to be turned up a bit to make then fly away.


Q: Do I need a tour guide?

A: No, but it is nicer to see the Mosque with a guide to tell you some history and also show the best places to take photos

Q: Do people speak English?

A: There are English-speaking guides, but the people in the town mostly do not speak English

Q: Is it a walkable city?

A: Yes, if you are in Touba you can walk around, but getting there is either by bus or car

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