My Favourite Japanese Recipes

Maki sushi

Here is a collection of my favourite Japanese recipes. When I was growing up, my mother sometimes made Japanese food. We also attended a Buddhist church, which had a lot of Japanese-American members. Therefore, we were lucky to have lots of home-cooked Japanese foods for events. These recipes are a collection of some childhood favourites, as well as recipes I have learned over the years.

One of the key ingredients in Japanese cooking is soy sauce. It adds the saltiness. Another base, especially for soups, is dashi, a bonito fish stock. For the desserts, there are many recipes made out of rice flour, including mochi and manju. In London, we are lucky to be able to find all of the Japanese ingredients relatively easily.

A typical characteristic of Japanese foods is the beautiful presentation. In a Japanese restaurant, you can notice the little details to present each dish. Of course, at home, sometimes I do not make as much effort but I do try to add some of the special garnishes.

Starters and Snacks

Main Dishes


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