My Favourite Korean Recipes

Galbi Jjiim (Korean Style Braised Beef Shortribs)

Here is a collection of my favourite Korean recipes. Most of these have come from my friend Dave’s mom, who is an excellent cook. She’s passed down her cooking skills to Dave, and I was lucky to get some of his tips. Some people I know mix up Japanese and Korean foods. I can see how this could happen since many ingredients are similar including soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, garlic etc. Additionally, there are similar foods like maki sushi from Japan is similar to kimbap from Korea. However, I also think that there are some very unique flavours and dishes. For example, bimbimbap is one of my favourite Korean foods. It is made by crisping the bottom of the rice in a heavy metal pot and then topping it with vegetables, egg, meat and/or pickles.

While we were in South Korea, some of our favourite experiences involved food! The Korean BBQ and bimbimbap were amazing in the restaurants. And the street foods were both cheap and delicious. We tried so many different foods. Also, I hadn’t thought of japchae noodles as street food before, but that was definitely common at the food markets.

Starters and Snacks

Main Dishes

Galbi Jjiim (Korean Style Braised Beef Shortribs)
Galbi jjim (Korean Style Braised Beef Shortribs)


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