My Favourite South African Recipes

South African Bobotie

This is a collection of my favourite South African recipes, shared by friends from South Africa. I have not yet had the opportunity to visit South Africa, but would certainly love to visit! I have friends from South Africa who talk about the natural beauty and diverse cultures of the country. From the UK, there is a minimal time zone difference. However the flight is a long one, about eleven and a half hours. That’s about the same time from London to Los Angeles, which has an eight hour time difference.

Hopefully this collection of South African recipes will grow over time as I try more of the recipes recommended by my friends. I am especially looking forward to trying more desserts!

Main Dishes

Here are the two versions of South African Bobotie, traditional and vegetarian, that I have prepared. I hope try other South African dishes over time and will add them here. The mixture of spices and sweetness of the Bobotie were delectable, with or without the meat.

South African Bobotie
Bobotie served with rice, banana, coconut


I first tried koeksisters imported by my friend Catherine from South Africa. Amazingly, even after a few days they retained their crispy texture in the sticky syrup. I have always wanted to try making these at home. They are deliciously sticky and sweet desserts.

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