My Favourite Israeli Recipes

Israel Shakshuka

Here is a collection of my favourite Israeli recipes. Each time I have visited Israel, I have been overwhelmed with the choices of amazing food. The ingredients are so fresh and flavourful, with herbs, vegetables and fruits. Where to start? I think the first Israeli food I tried in London was at Ottolenghi and I savoured every dish. After trying it, I also tried cooking some of his recipes including the unforgettable courgette fritters!

Finally, in 2018 I was able to visit Israel, for the wedding of a friend. I left some time before the wedding to explore Israel and Jordan. The culinary experience was one of the highlights though the culture and history are also incredible. I will be adding to this list over time as I have quite a few Israeli recipes in my repertoire. Sometimes I forget to take photos of the dishes, as I am looking forward to much to eating them!

Starters and Snacks

Main Dishes


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