My Favourite Moroccan Recipes

Delicious chekchouka ready to serve, sprinkled with parsley

Here is a collection of my favourite Moroccan recipes. Most of them have come from my friend Ikram, who is from Ouarzazate, towards the southwest of Morocco. Fortunately, I have had a taste of authentic Moroccan food when I visited Marrakech in 2015. We had amazing couscous, tagine, salads and more. Unfortunately, we also got sick and we think it was from chicken.

So far, it has been fun re-creating the Moroccan flavours at home with these recipes. Luckily, it is easy to find the ingredients for Moroccan food in London. I think the most important thing is to have fresh spices and herbs. Of course, the vegetables do not taste quite the same as they are not fresh to the market, but usually from a supermarket. I’ll keep cooking more of my favourite Moroccan recipes and adding to this page over time.

Starters and Snacks

In this section, I will include the dips and salads that are a big part of the Moroccan cuisine. When we ate at Al Baraka restaurant in Morocco, we were impressed by the number of vegetable dishes we had for starters. In fact, we did not even have to order them. We ordered our starter, main and dessert, and every table automatically got about ten small dishes of vegetables and salads.

Main Dishes

The variety of Moroccan main dishes is huge! Two of the most typical are couscous with sauce, and tagines cooked in a clay pot. There are options for all palates and diets. In fact, vegetarians can find many dishes to enjoy in Morocco. Tajines, for example, can be with lamb, beef, chicken, fish, chickpeas or other ingredients.


The dessert I remember the most from Morocco was a very simple plate of orange slices sprinkled with cinnamon. It tasted amazing after a huge meal, and the oranges were incredibly sweet. My friend sent me a fancier version of the orange salad, which I have made. And I’ll try some of the sweet pastry desserts as well.

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