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View of Vaduz from the Castle Hill

In September 2017 I decided to travel to Liechtenstein for a day visit. At the time it seemed like a good adventure via Zurich. I had never been to Liechtenstein and it would count as another country on my bucket list. However, now I feel slightly guilty for my carbon footprint to jet around on a day trip. I should have stayed in the area longer since Zurich is also a beautiful city to visit.

I explored the capital of Vaduz and felt like a day trip was enough to see the small city. However, there are many beautiful hills in the area and I am sure one could spend more time exploring nature. The cuisine reminded me of German or Swiss food. And the currency is Swiss francs, which made it easy, but not cheap, to travel to Liechtenstein from Zurich.

Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein
Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein
Modern buildings of Vaduz
Modern buildings of Vaduz
Snail art in Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Snail art in Vaduz, Liechtenstein


Before you go

  • Currently, UK citizens can travel to countries in the Schengen area for up to 90 days in any 180-day period without a visa. Citizens of the United States of America traveling to Liechtenstein from 2022 will need to register with the Schengen Area’s new visa waiver platform.
  • Back in 2017, you could pay a few euros to stamp your own passport in the tourist office. I am not sure now if they are doing border checks when entering from Switzerland.
Ducal Hat at the Liechtenstein National Museum
Ducal Hat at the Liechtenstein National Museum
Vaduz City Hall
Vaduz City Hall
Stamping my own passport in Liechtenstein
Stamping my own passport in Liechtenstein


  • I flew to Zurich from Paris on Air France.
  • From Zurich, you can take a SBB train from Zurich to Sargans. This ticket is quite expensive and cost 65 euros return in 2017
  • Then from Sargans there is a bus 11 to Vaduz, which takes about 30 minutes and cost about 17 euros return


  • Unfortunately, I do not have any recommendation as I didn’t stay overnight there


The Liechtenstein currency is the Swiss franc, although at the Vaduz tourist office I was able to pay for my passport stamp with Euros.

I recommend to check the currency conversion just before you leave as this fluctuates

Swiss francs
Swiss francs
Schnitzel, potato rosti and a local Liectenstein beer
Schnitzel, potato rosti and a local Liectenstein beer at Adler restaurant


During my visit I only had time for one meal, which I enjoyed outdoors at Adler restaurant. I had the schnitzel with a side of potato rosti and a local beer. It was a tasty, hearty meal and kept me going for the whole day.


Q: Do I need a tour guide?

A: No, you can get to Liechtenstein via public transport and Vaduz is an easily walkable city.

Q: Do people speak English?

A: The majority of people spoke English in Vaduz. On the train and bus, the people I encountered did not speak English. A translator app would be useful especially if you are lost.

Q: Can I travel solo?

A: Yes it is safe and easy to get around.

Q: How easy is it to send postcards? It was easy to find postcards in the shops and to find stamps at the post office in Vaduz.

A: See Sending Postcards from Abroad for details on cost and the time it took to reach the USA.

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