Valencia Street Art

Eye street art and moto

The Valencia street art caught my eye as I was walking around the city. In particular, the Russafa area had so many great artworks on walls, shutters and doors. One of my favourites was a painting of a Kaws clown. For those who haven’t heard of Kaws, he is an American artist whose real name is Brian Donnelly. He’s done some street and outdoor installations which is how I noticed his work. I was surprised to see street art in Valencia with his clown style. Pretty sure it was not actually by Kaws though!

The Old Town also had a lot of street art on the buildings. There were some walls with colourful graffiti writing, and others that seemed to be commissioned as art pieces. I liked the mix and I ended up taking a lot of photos of the street art. Only when I got home did I realise I had quite a collection, which warranted a separate post.

Enjoy the few examples of Valencia street art in the post. If you are there, you can see what you discover. I’ve also written a general post about travel to Valencia which has more information about the city.

Banana in Russafa
Yellow cartoon character
Kaws-style clown
Burrito bar – looks like a sun god
Felipe Pantone Street Art
Llama in the Old Town
Old Town Street art
Dragon in the Old Town
Graffiti in the Jardí del Túria underpass

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