My Favourite Georgian Recipes

Freshly cooked khinkali with pepper

Here is a collection of my favourite Georgian recipes. I was lucky to visit Georgia in 2023 and take cooking lessons with Irina at Chakandrila in Tbilisi. It was an individual class just for me, and I enjoyed chatting with Irina in her home. We cooked while drinking white wine and it was a great experience! Georgian food is flavourful and there is a great variety of food. These recipes are a few of my favourites.

Starters and Snacks

The starters in Georgia are usually large portions, so you can have a whole meal by eating two or three starters. Khinkali dumplings and Khachapuri filled breads are two of the most popular dishes. There are also a lot of delicious salads.

Freshly cooked khinkali with pepper
Khinkali with pepper

Main Dishes

For the main dish, I often had grilled meat with a side of vegetables. However, when we were on trip to the mountains, our guide ordered us a variety of dishes so I was able to try many types of Georgian food. One dish I really loved was a garlic milk chicken called Chkmeruli or Shkhmeruli. Simple and delicious!


Interestingly, when I think back to dessert I can’t recall anything specifically Georgian. Perhaps, churchkhela, which I found at shops in the countryside. They look a bit like candles but are actually strings of nuts coated in dried grape juice. There are cakes, chocolates and candies too, but I am not sure if those are specifically Georgian.

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