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Banjul from Arch 22

If you visit the Gambia, you will probably travel to Banjul, the capital city located on a small island. It is accessible by bridge from the Gambia and by ferry from Senegal. However, the Banjul airport is about an hour away to the south. We took a short drive around the city, and the highlights are the coast and port, Arch 22, National Museum, and the colourful market streets. My favourite part was climbing up Arch 22 to enjoy the views and learn about the history in the small museum. We were lucky to have the manager as our personal guide.

View from Arch 22
Banjul Market Street
Arch 22


  • Arch 22, walk to the top for the view and there is also a small museum. The bathroom walls have some interesting murals
  • Banjul sign on a roundabout
  • Banjul Central Mosque
  • National Museum of the Gambia
  • Gambia dockland and port
  • Denton Bridge
  • Kankujereh Rd along the coast
  • Local street markets

Before you go

  • Banjul is located on an island and can be accessed via a bridge within the Gambia. However, to reach Senegal there is a ferry which sometimes does not run very often
  • The country exit fee at the airport is $20 or equivalent. However, in local currency it was only 1000 dalasi
  • The weather can be very hot most of the time. There is a rainy (Jun to Oct) and a dry (Nov to May) season
View of Courthouse from Arch 22
Arch 22 street art on bathroom
National Museum Banjul


  • Banjul International Airport is located about 45 minutes from the beach resort areas or Banjul without traffic. The only way to get there is by taxi or car. Allow plenty of time to get through security and immigration
  • Getting around the Gambia is easiest with an experienced driver. There are some taxis around. We were glad to have Mika and Samba from Trip Tour Senegal


  • We stayed in Serrekunda for most of our days in the Gambia. From there, it is about a 45 minute drive with light traffic to Banjul.
  • As usual I recommend checking reviews on or using AirBnB if you want to find a place to stay in the city


Q: Do I need a tour guide?

A: Yes, it is better to have a tour guide and drive to get around as places of interest are too far apart to walk. There are some taxis in the city

Q: Do people speak English?

A: Yes, most people speak English as that is the official language

Q: Is it a walkable city?

A: No, attractions are spread out so a car is necessary to get around

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