Spain- Padron Peppers Recipe

Spanish Padron Peppers

This recipe for Padron peppers is so simple and adapted to the air fryer. Padron peppers are a typical dish at Spanish tapas restaurants. Usually, they are shallow-fried in oil to get the skin crispy and bubbly. However, I find that these can sometimes be quite greasy. So, I’ve experimented with the air fryer using less oil. Unfortunately, you need to use some oil, otherwise the peppers dry out. Also, using salt crystals is important as this tastes better than fine salt.

For comparison with the traditional preparation, I have posted a photo from Tapino’s Restaurant in London. Personally, I think they taste pretty similar! Of course, you can also try frying them in a pan with oil if you prefer.

Fresh Padron peppers
Spray Padron peppers with oil and sprinkle with salt


135g fresh Padron Peppers
Oil in a spray bottle
Pinch of sea salt crystals


Wash and dry the Padron peppers.

First, line an air fryer basket with foil. Next, spray the foil with a little oil. Add the Padron peppers. Spray lightly with oil and sprinkle with the sea salt crystals. Then cook at 180C for about 7-9 minutes. The peppers should start to brown and the skin will bubble. Serve hot.

Roasted Padron peppers from the air fryer
Padron Peppers from Tapino’s Restaurant

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