My Favourite French Recipes

Le Petit Josselin

Here is a collection of my favourite French recipes. Since I lived there for a few years and have visited dozens of times, I couldn’t choose just one! Some of the ingredients that you should have on hand to cook French foods are butter, flour, sugar, fresh herbs, salt and pepper. In fact, French cuisine requires many fresh ingredients to taste authentic. After re-creating the French recipes at home, I am reminded of the exciting bustle and tantalising aromas of the outdoor markets. Especially in Paris, I loved doing a weekly shop. There I shopped for seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, eggs, meats, cheeses, bread and patisserie. Sometimes when I was feeling too lazy to cook, I would give in to the temptation to buy a rotisserie chicken. And maybe even a side of potatoes cooked in chicken grease. Miam Miam!

French Starters and Snacks

Recipes for an apero (happy hour) or entrees (starters or appetisers). These may be better descriptions than “snacks”. When I lived in Paris, I found that the French did not snack between meals during the day. But they were happy to have an apero after work. At a bar or at home, we would enjoy an apero beverage and snacks before the relatively late usual dinner time after 21:00

French Main Dishes

Where do I even start with the main dishes in French cuisine? So many of these dishes are famous by their names even if you have never tried them. I am certain most have heard of boeuf bourguignon, confit de canard, or crêpes? I must admit I still enjoy eating out for French food as much as cooking it, but here are a few recipes that are extremely delicious to make at home.

French Desserts

Many of the French patisseries are time-consuming and difficult to make at home, but it is worth it in the end. So I encourage you to persist! You may not be the next Cedric Grolet or Laurent Duchêne (two of my favourite patisserie chefs), but you can make something delicious and decadent to enjoy yourself or share with friends and family.

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